Getting Started
Welcome to the Humanode testnet "Sachiel". In this guide we will be assisting the transformation of the soon-to-be human nodes into human nodes.
Dear humans, we received over 6 000 applications to join the testnet. We are inviting you in small batches via email, only 300 letters were sent out. The process will be sped up with the release of the Humanode desktop app. Almost everyone will get an invite one day.

What is the Humanode testnet?

Please note, that in Sachiel, we will be testing network capacity, Sibyl resistance, liveness detection, and security. Testnet users will be required to perform liveness detection every 72 hours. We will not be showing off all of our bells and whistles or flashy UI/UX or killer features. Those will be saved for later, and further refined with the help of all of you. The goal here is to build the strongest foundation for the Humanode network, which we expect will have millions of users in the future, so the user experience may also be stressful at the start, but the more you participate and get involved in the testnet, the stronger the system will grow, and the more rewarding it will be.

What I can do on the testnet?

Who can help me with issues?

You can get help in Telegram: https://t.me/humanodes


How long does it take after application on the form to get an answer?

If you applied after the testnet launch, it will be in about 2 weeks.

I still didn’t receive an email after a few weeks, what should I do? How to increase chances of being invited?

Just to wait at this time, some patience is required. We're sending the emails in batches.

How do I know authentication is completed and my node is producing blocks?

When you see Starting consensus session on top of parent 0x...
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