Interact with the Humanode testnet
This page will walk you through basic possibilities of interaction with the Humanode testnet. It doesn't matter whether you run your own Humanode peer or not.

Account creation

To store and send tokens on Humanode testnet you have to create an account first. An account is essentially a keypair, but the public key is used as an address, and the private key is kept private and used to sign transactions.
Do not use your validator key as an account key to separate the concerns!
To create a new account, use a Polkadot.js extension. There is the link to download and install it.
Then open the extension.
After that click on the + symbol at the right-top corner to create a new account.
Chose Create new account
Go to the Next step
Fill in required fields and click on Add the account with the generated seed. Now you should see that your account has been created.
In case you need to share your account address just copy the public key by clicking on copy symbol.
For example, Alice has the following address: 5CPGjBUDs8RoFdPWpv4Q2HCKgoz2ektHASWMYuNeqeosEvYM

Claim tokens

Now you can receive the Humanode testnet tokens from a faucet:
  • Go to Telegram bot @HumanodeTestnet2Faucetbot.
  • Send the messate to the bot with the following text: /gettokens <your address>
    Use your polkadot.js extension address here, not your validator address.
The bot will respond: The transaction with your tokens has been submitted: 0xa000…00x0
Congratulations, you have just received your Humanode testnet tokens!
For example, Alice case:

Network explorer

To explore the current state of the Humanode testnet you can use a public explorer node or your own peer if you're running one.
At the top, you will find lots of helpful information about the chain to which you're connected. Feel free to browse this UI and make yourself comfortable with it.
Another option to explore the Humanode testnet is to check the Humanode Telemetry where you can find useful information like current best block, average block time, the list of active peers, etc.

Chain state overview

You can easily explore the current chain state of the Humanode Network with an explorer. You can find Developer tab at the top. There, choose Chain state option where you can play with different queries to explore the state like balances to see a token balance of a particular account, bioauth to see current active authentications, etc.

Token transfer

In the same way, we can easily send tokens to another account with an explorer. There is an Accounts menu at the top. Go to the Accounts > Transfer there.
Here you can choose send from account , sent to addressand amount.
Finally, you click on Make Transfer button and Sign and submit to send a transaction to the testnet.
Then you'll receive a notification that your transaction has been included in the block.
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